Frequently asked questions

Who Should Attend?

It is important for a manager or supervisor to attend the courses so that they become the “Responsible Person” able to fully understand and take responsibility for ex repairs.
All other staff refurbishing Ex explosion protected apparatus should also be trained.

It is recommended that a minimum of two electrical or mechanical engineers/technicians should attend the courses per company.
This may also include maintenance staff looking after Ex motors, generators, pumps, fans, gearboxes, valves, and instrumentation, or involved in the replacement of spare parts such as bearings
The courses are also recommended for administration, sales, and stores staff requiring a knowledge of equipment suitability for zoned areas.

Do you offer on site training?

Yes! We can offer on site training under special circumstances. Before considering this option - it is often difficult for company's to ensure all engineers are free for a 4 day onsite course. Often it is easier to send your your engineers in batches to our scheduled dates. If you would like to speak to us about onsite training, please contact us on admin@aemt.co.uk.

Do you certify engineers as 'competent' after the completing the course?

Competence comes from experience built up in the workplace under the supervision of a 'Responsible Person'. The course gives delegates an understanding of the technical standards and documentation required to complete the repair, overhaul or reclamation of hazardous area equipment. Delegates will receive a Certificate of Assessment when completeing the course, or a Certificate of Attendance for attending the course, but have not passed the assessments. For more details check our guide in our resources page.

How do I become certified as a competent repairer?

The IECEx recognise both Individuals and Companies as certified competent. To become one or the other, please see our guide in our resources page.

What is included in the cost of the course?

We include:

  • Coursenotes reference book
  • Ex labels and reference data booklet
  • USB key containg Excel Repair Sheets, Competency Work Log, and other supporting documents
  • Lunch, Coffee and Refreshements
  • AEMT Notepad, pens and holdall
  • AEMT Yearbook and Journal
  • Certificate on completion
What we don't include:
  • Accommodation, travel costs and expenses
  • Ongoing support, unless you are a member of the AEMT
  • A guarantee of passing the assessments

Do you cover the installation, maintenance and inspection of Ex Equipment?

We specialise on Units Ex 005 of the IECEx Recognised Training Provider Programme (RTPP). This focuses on the IEC BS EN 60079-19 standard on repair, overhaul and reclamation of Ex equipment. We do, however, offer a Module 5 covering aspects of IEC BS EN 60079 parts 14 and 17 on the removal, installation, maintenance and inspection of Ex equipment for service centres. This is not a CompEx course.

My certificate is about to expire, and I’m unable to get on a training course during the Coronavirus outbreak. What do I do?

Please ensure you contact us at training@aemt.co.uk to secure a place on the next available refresher course. We will issue an invoice for the booking, and send you an extended certificate.