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Honey and honey-focused bath, body, skin care, household products from the Pacific Northwest

JUST like nature intended




We are excited to bring you a new fragrance to our line!


The Coastal Collection scent is reminiscence of tropical allure and summer bliss. Breathe in the popular scent combination of honey, buttery caramel, and warm vanilla and breathe out stress.

We are also featuring a new product exclusively in this scent - roll-on perfume!

Coastal Collection.png

Our honey is locally sourced and comes in a wide variety of types so you can enjoy the subtle difference of each one thanks to the various kinds of flowers each bee pollinates.

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enjoy pacific northwest Honey

Naturally Simple

"Born and raised in the Puyallup Valley, I've always had a love of the land and of the simplicity of honey. Combining those two together I began making honey-derived products. I hope you enjoy the products as much as I do!" - Chris Sienkiewich, Founder of Chris's Country Essence

2 oz Hand Sanitizers.png

"This is my go-to hand sanitizer. The small bottles are perfect for my purse and the larger bottles are a must-have at work.

I've been using Chris's Country Essence products since they were sold at shows and I love that their products have been consistent for all these years."

Laura, Leavenworth, ks

Stuffed full of all our most popular products, the Place to BEE Gift Set is sure to be loved by any recipient. Available in all seven scents, check it and our other gift sets out today!

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Best Seller:
The Place to BEE
Gift Set

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